Soft Line Product Inspection

  • Checking the GSM or GSF of fabric as per buyers requirement
  • Counting the number of threads (i.e. the construction of the fabric)
  • Comparing of colors (of fabrics, accessories, and stitching threads) with a TPX or TCX Pantone book / lab dips / fabric swatches.
  • Checking color fastness to washing, by washing a sample with normal cycle together with a piece of white cotton fabric
  • Checking the dry color fastness, by rubbing a piece of white tissue cotton fabrics,
  • Making sure there is no color shading on the same product, and no strong color shading between different products
  • Doing a shrinkage test on washable products as per the care instructions
  • Checking the direction of threads (the "grain line") of the main fabric and comparing it with client's sample or client's pattern
  • Checking seam-strength, by pulling in both sides with normal force
  • Checking all the labeling as per approved artworks
  • Checking the labeling quality/composition as per buyer's requirement
  • We keep all the labeling, marking and product physical samples with us for any future order or references.
  • Checking labeling and marking placement as per buyer's requirement
  • We believe in business-transparency and share all the inspection details like, labeling and marking physical sample images, their placement, product final images and packing Images
  • We ensure the products look good and have no wrinkles before final packaging
  • We check box/carton quality as per the requirement of the product weight