All Hardline products go through three levels of inspection

Initial Inspection

  • Checking the raw material of order items.
  • Check the raw product shape and compare to the counter sample.

Mid-Line Inspection

  • This inspection involves our inspectors going into to the vendor facility to inspect the process of production which includes polishing, plating, finishing or packing.
  • Comparing the finish of shipment with counter sign sample or signed swatches.
  • All the ordered products (finished / unfinished) as well as the packing materials and labels are stored in the warehouse facility.
  • Our inspectors will inspect all the products as well as packaging materials to observe and inform for any improvements needed to the vendor.
  • The vendor will then resolve these issues before our final inspection.
  • If required we initiate the drop test – in this test the inspectors click images of the drop test box, open and test for any breakage. If they identify a breakage then vendor has to change the packing. We can also do the Drop Test video.
  • Proper labelling is checked for; for example if the product is in two parts with the top and the base packed separately then it is the vendor’s responsibility to label correctly for easy identification once the shipment reaches the buyers side. It helps the buyer assemble the product in the right order.
  • Material of product is also inspected by us. For example for wood products the level of moisture is checked and the vendor is adviced to use silica gel pouch in the packaging cartons.
  • Our inspectors also check the glass and stone thickness and quality according to the requirements of the buyer.
  • Based on previous shipments if we have any kind of feedback from the buyers we take that into consideration and send correction images to the buyer for their reference.

Final Inspection

  • The final inspection is done when the shipment is 100% ready and packed with completion of markings.
  • Our inspector selects few cartons randomly.
  • During this inspection 10 to 20% of the shipment is checked and if our inspectors find any problem 100% of that product is opened up and screened. If the problem is major then the shipment is rejected and the okay items are shipped to the buyer.
  • During this inspection our inspectors take images of all inspected products, the packaging and labelling for an inspection report which is then sent to the buyer for approval.
  • The buyer will then study the report before the shipment is sent out.
  • The buyer will then give their confirmation on the report and approval for the shipment to be sent out.
  • We hold integrity very highly and believe is complete transparency – sharing all the details of quality of product, labelling and making, placement, products as well as packaging final images.

Communication around Final Inspection

We communicate with exporters before hand in order to avoid any last-minute delays, this helps us to do the needful well within time. Constant communication helps us project stuffing requirements so that we make timely documents requests and share our consolidation projection with our buyers from time to time.