Straight to Source (StoS) is a Buying Agency operating out of New Delhi, India with satellite offices in Jodhpur, Moradabad, and Karur. StoS has been providing Product Sourcing, Production Management, Quality Control and Logistics services to Buyers and Importer globally.

We aim to become our buyers eyes and ears on the ground. We strive for quality service where we can deliver to the needs of our clients in a diligent and effective manner. We work to get a quality Indian product ordered by the buyer to them in the time frame decided at the time of placement of the order.

StoS has a vast number of qualified vendors to provide sourcing services for Home furnishing from all over India. Our experience and qualified Merchandisers with good communication skills are our main strength, who work as effective channels between the vendors and buyers, help in re-engineering products where needed, and ensure the order execution process runs smoothly for a timely handover to the freight forwarder. Our QC inspectors keep tabs on the production and quality of the goods to ensure the buyer gets what they ordered, within the laid down quality standards.

Our work doesn't stop at stuffing, we maintain a regular contact with the freight forwarder for timely sailing of shipments. We duly send all documents to the buyers on time and this helps the buyer to get the shipment without any hassle. We assure efficient freight forwarding services, by both air and sea, to national as well as international destinations.

Advantages of using StoS for your sourcing needs:

  • We have a team of qualified vendors to look after all your design, development and production needs
  • We try to continuously push Vendors for on time delivery
  • Have a mechanism in place to fine vendors incase of any delay in production
  • Experience Merchandisers for Pricing negotiations and production and delivery management
  • Highly trained QC inspectors
  • Push for quality packaging in most cases drop shippable for saving time and cost for our buyers
  • Trained staff to work with vendors to re-engineer products to achieve price targets of buyers on certain products